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Donald "Don" E. Moore, Jackson County State Court Solicitor

 “Having the honor to have served as Jackson County’s Solicitor for over three decades, I give my strongest possible endorsement for Gabriel Bradford to succeed me as the next Solicitor of the State Court.  Experience matters in this position.  Gabriel’s experience in serving with integrity as a prosecutor, a municipal court judge, and a litigator makes him by far the most qualified candidate in this race.  I know he will keep the citizens of Jackson County safe --while serving with fairness and honor.  I encourage you to join me in voting for Gabriel Bradford as the next Solicitor for the State Court of Jackson County.”  


J. Bradley Smith, District Attorney Piedmont Circuit (Jackson, Banks and Barrow Co.)

“It is my great pleasure to endorse Gabriel Bradford for Jackson County Solicitor. As a former prosecutor, Gabe has the experience and the talent to best serve the citizens of Jackson County. Gabe is a natural leader that people automatically trust, and he has earned the admiration and respect of the local Bar for his dogged courtroom presence. He will bring integrity and honor to the position.”


Jud Smith, Sheriff Barrow County

“I have known Gabe my entire career as a law enforcement officer. I’ve seen him prosecute ccases and represent countless clients as well. When I think of Gabe, I think of “Fair”. He is a person of Character and Integrity. Gabe has prosecuted cases and done so to serve his community with honor.”


Scott R. Tolbert, Attorney, Jefferson, Georgia

" Without any reservations, I enthusiastically support and endorse Gabe Bradford for the office of Solicitor of the State Court of Jackson County. I have had the honor of knowing and working with Gabe for nearly 20 years. In the time that I have had the pleasure of working with, and often against Gabe, he constantly has shown why he would be an outstanding Solicitor. His knowledge of the evidence code and the criminal code is superior to most all, his work ethic is beyond reproach and his courtroom demeanor is second to none. I have always said that the best qualified candidate for Solicitor is an attorney that has actually prosecuted a case. Having been an Assistant District Attorney for many years in the Piedmont Circuit makes Gabe the only qualified candidate running for the office of Solicitor. 

For these and so many more reasons I endorse Gabe Bradford for the position of Solicitor of the State Court of Jackson County." 


Joseph "Joe"W. Wirthman, Jefferson, Georgia

“It is my honor to endorse Gabe Bradford for the elected position of Jackson County State Court Solicitor. I have known Gabe for over 13 years. In my professional association with him I have found him to be fair and unbiased with the character and integrity to serve our County responsively and respectfully.”


Randy Williams, Arcade, Georgia

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Judge Gabriel Bradford for the past 18 years. As a prosecutor for the Piedmont Judicial Circuit District Attorney’s office and then as the Municipal Court Judge for the City of Arcade. Judge Bradford’s knowledge of the law; his pursuit of justice; and his integrity has been exemplary. He has constantly exhibited the traits of firmness, but fairness towards everyone. 

I feel that Judge Gabriel Bradford would be an outstanding, trustworthy and honest State Court Solicitor while serving all the Citizens of Jackson County honorably.”





Gabriel R. Bradford

 "As a former Assistant District Attorney, Defense Attorney, Solicitor, and Municipal Judge for the cities of Jefferson, Arcade and Nicholson, I have acquired substantial and varied experience working on both the prosecution and defense of criminal law matters in Jackson County for over 17 years. Help me keep Jackson County Safe by voting for me as your next Solicitor on June 9." 


Two Thing Are Certain During These Trying Times: Incumbent Solicitor, Don Moore, will retire and a new Solicitor will be elected.

Make your vote matter: having an experienced Solicitor is the key to Keep Jackson County Safe!

Your candidate can't win this race without your help. Word-of-mouth and donating are all ways of helping us achieve our goals together.