About ME

Gabriel R. Bradford

I am a Jackson County resident and attorney. I have lived in Jackson County for over 23 years with my wife and two daughters. 

I am a local business owner in Jackson County, Georgia for over 15 years with my office located in downtown Jefferson, Georgia. 

After serving as a Firefighter/EMT for Sarasota Fire Department for seven years, I attended the University of Georgia and Graduated Magna Cum Laude  in 2000 with my A.B.J in Public Relations from the Henry W. Grady School of Law .  

I received my Juris Doctor from the University of Georgia School of Law in 2003. 

I was admitted to the State Bar of Georgia in November 2003 and remain an attorney in good standing for over 17 years.  

I am an accomplished attorney and judge with extensive experience in family law litigation, criminal defense and prosecution. Skilled in domestic representation, prosecuting and defending a wide variety of complex civil, misdemeanor and felony criminal offenses, from inception through resolution, including conducting the initial investigation, interviewing witnesses and suspects, handling discovery and depositions, drafting all motions and pleadings, attending contested hearings, and resolving cases through trial, plea negotiations, or appeals. Defines and analyzes issues, conducts legal research, makes appropriate recommendations, presents excellent oral and written arguments, persuasively delivers facts and evidence, and effectively uses practice areas that complement each other both in and out of the courtroom, together with the perspective of being a lawyer and judge, to address a wide variety of legal matters.